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"Entrepreneurship can't be taught" ~ Key things in Peter Thiel's Zero to One

Updated: Jan 28

Well, there is no point to modify the original Preface of Zero To One; but, still, it should be done a bit.

My intentions to change the way to look at the original "Zero To One" are as follows

- First, to make it more visualized and brain-friendly

- Second, expanding the target audience to almost non-readers; Indian students; and those who face difficulty in reading such professional books but still want to grab the ideas and strategies from this extraordinary book.

I'll quote Peter Thiel many times for the very important points in this book, but the language will be mine on behalf of Peter Thiel.

0 to 1

"Every moment in business happens only once." ~ Peter Thiel says

There is no point in creating the things that not only already exist but their existence is already holding the best position. In terms of Business, what Thiel actually said in Zero To One is that the next Bill Gates will not build your favorite Windows Operating System. The next Larry Page won't search on Google how to make a search engine. The Next Zuckerberg won't' create a Facebook.

Basically, the next three of them won't create the Operating System, Search Engine, and Social Network again.

Windows is already almost solved all the fundamental needs of a computer user either Personal or Professional. Google is already considered one of the best teachers and the person to ask questions online. And, Facebook is already allowed everyone to stay connected with known or new people together around the globe.

So, what's the point of creating all new? What's the point of spending one life in creating or better say "Copying the solutions that already doing better in solving?"

If you are copying these guys, you aren't learning from them.

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