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Reporting Cybercrime in India: A Guide to Using the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

In India, the fight against cybercrime is streamlined through the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal, an initiative by the Ministry of Home Affairs. To understand its scope and functionality, visit, which is essential for addressing cyber offenses, especially those against women and children.

Recent statistics highlight the portal's impact: from 2020 to 2022, over 16 lakh cybercrime incidents were reported, resulting in more than 32 thousand FIRs being registered. These figures underscore the significant role the portal plays in India's cybercrime mitigation efforts.

The 'Citizen Financial Cyber Fraud Reporting and Management System' within the portal has been crucial in preventing fraudulent transactions, saving funds amounting to over Rs.180 Crore. For immediate assistance in lodging online cyber complaints, the public can access the toll-free Helpline number ‘1930’.

For non-cyber emergencies, contact local authorities or use national helplines like 100 for police or 181 for women's safety.

To view the latest detailed statistics and updates on cybercrime in India, refer to the comprehensive Press Information Bureau report.

Stay informed and proactive in contributing to our online community's safety.


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