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Reporting Cybercrime in India: Use the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal

Updated: Aug 18

If you're in India and need to report cybercrime, head to the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal by the Ministry of Home Affairs at This online platform is designed by the Indian Government to make reporting cybercrimes easy and efficient.

The portal is specifically designed to handle cybercrime complaints, particularly those related to offenses against women and children. When you file a complaint here, law enforcement agencies and the police take action based on the information you provide. It's crucial to provide accurate details while filing your complaint to ensure swift action.

Remember, if you're dealing with a non-cybercrime emergency or need to report a different kind of offense, reach out to your local police. You can dial 100 for the national police helpline or 181 for the national women's helpline.

Stay safe and help keep our online community secure.

National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

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